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The Bhopal disaster in India in 1984 was the world's worst chemical disaster. Toxic gas leaked from the poorly maintained and understaffed plant owned by Union Carbide, injuring more than half a million people. Today in the city, upwards of 100,000 people are still chronically ill from the injuries suffered on that night and the death toll has reached more than 25,000. Moreover, the health of thousands of families in Bhopal remains threatened due to contamination of groundwater from toxic pools of waste at the abandoned Union Carbide factory.

For more information, see Greenpeace Nightmare in Bhopal and The Bhopal Medical Appeal.

Also see Bhopal 30 years on: Playing with powder (Amnesty International) , India: After 30 Years, Bhopal is Still Simmering (Newsweek) and Bhopal 30 years on: The women of India... (The Guardian) which describe how the disaster that happened more than 30 years ago continues to cause terrible health problems for countless more people today.

bhopal victims

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