AMPHIBILIVING: imagining a future living with water


Amphibiliving.net is a virtual showcase of amphibiliving ideas and projects which imagine a more dynamic, resilient and sustainable way of living with water. Ideas may be practical or fantastical, playful or deadly serious, and may involve a single house, a transport unit, a play area, energy generation, food production, a work place, a garden, an animal home, a park, a business, a community, a custom, a whole village... a city... anything - no matter how small or big - just so long as it contributes to the broad ideal of amphibiliving.

Ideas may be images, texts, drawings...
Anyone may submit ideas: artists, writers, teachers, designers, engineers, scientists, architects, communities, schools, students, children, parents, grandparents... All ideas are really welcome!

In order to take part, please send your idea (image(s) or text) - including a brief overview of your project/idea - to submissions@amphibiliving.net.  Please remember to include your name, location (city/village, country), email address and website address(es) if applicable. A very brief statement or biography would also be helpful but is not essential.

All images should be 72dpi initially, each not exceeding 500KB. If sending multiple images, please do not send attachments exceeding more than 2MB in total. If preferred, you may send a link to an existing idea instead.

All selected ideas will be credited to the person/group submitting, together with a link to any relevant personal or related websites. By submitting your ideas(s), you are agreeing that your idea can be reproduced electronically by Fran Crowe and amphibiliving.net .

We really look forward to receiving your ideas and are very excited about how amphibiliving might develop. If you know of others whose ideas could be included, please do spread the word!