AMPHIBILIVING: imagining a future living with water

mary mattingly



Wearable homes

The Wearable Home is for a time when contemporary architecture provides temporal services, it become a space we move in and out of daily, and do not need or depend on. Our business is worldwide, our self is a receptacle or vessel for global connectivity and we have perhaps less need for the physical world. Many of our jobs will become more idea-oriented, and for progressive companies (which one must be to succeed in our globally-competitive world) wherever we get our best work done, it will be done, and we will deliver it via the web and rely on video conferencing or face-to-face meetings that involve travel and meeting cohorts overseas, most of the work-day. We gently become a global culture obsessed with the creation of ideas, of survival or the aid of mass-survival. The physical world becomes a place to enjoy through travel, avoid through the insularity of the wearable home, the omnipresent Internet and reprocessing of the physical world through media.



wearable homes


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There are three layers to the wearable home. The wearable water home is layer 2 of three. It can be packed away in the pouches of the Sub tropic layer (along with the Sub arctic layer) or it can be worn over the Sub tropic layer in watered conditions, or supplemental to the Sub arctic layer and worn underneath.
inflatable home, 2008