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open-source international ocean station project



Open_Sailing is an international community trying to develop the International_Ocean_Station as an open-source project, developing hardware and software to enable intelligent human activities at sea. The project started as an apocalyptic design response unit, but has evolved into a voluntary exploration community of passionate amateurs, inventors and scientists. We believe that in a matter of months and with a modest budget, we can challenge the civilization symbol of the International Space Station that produces today semi-secret data, that costs more than 150 billion $ to tax payers and was developed over decades by a closed group of rocket scientists. We can do it. It is not a utopian project we are working on it everyday.


Open_Sailing is divided into several labs investigating novel technologies :

• Protei : an ocean cleaning sailing robot that will be

  • Unmanned, no human exposed to toxicant.
  • Green and cheap, sailing upwind, capturing oil downwind.
  • Self-righting, rugged, can operate in hurricane time.
  • Semi-autonomous : can swarm continuously and far away. 

• Instinctive_Architecture : an architecture that behaves like a super-organism, reacting to the weather conditions and other variables, reconfiguring itself

  • Can we invent an architecture that respond to change?
  • Can we make an architecture that will resist the strongest storms, providing many low cost,  high-sea shelters - permanent life-rafts?
  • Can we invent a "non-architecture", an "instant city" that self-organizes itself, optimizes it's general geographical position to have the more intelligent access to resources, its density and functions?
  • Can we use living materials, a bioarchitecture?
  • Can we make an "Instinctive_Architecture"?
  • Is there any "intelligent architecture"?

• Energy_Animal : an independent module that generates energy from the waves, wind and sun, providing continuously off-grid energy and being a node for environment and data mesh networking.

  • Can we harness nature energy at sea? From which sources?
  • Can we combine different renewable energies to provide a more reliable electric output?
  • Can we make small low maintenance modules that will drift across the oceans, off-grid?
  • Do we need to pay for energy when energy (wind, sun, waves...) is everywhere infinitely available? Can we avoid energy wars?
  • Can we make available electricity for free for anyone needing it?
  • Can we contribute to environmental and pollution global  monitoring systems?
  • Can we use the Energy_Animal for other purposes like creating data mesh network?

• Nomadic_Ecosystem : engineering a mobile aquaculture to sustain human long term life at sea.

  • What does the world need to sustain its biodiversity?
  • Can we avoid fatal overfishing? Can we invent a new model of sustainable aquaculture and try to adress a growing population need?
  • Instead of following the seasons, can we move and adapt our nourishing cultures, without impacting negatively our environment?
  • Shall we create hermetic mobile cultures? Or shall we be open and compose with the elements?
  • Which species can be moved around?
  • Which structures can be tough enough to host these new forms of cultures?
  • How much space and different species do we need to create a sustainable food chain?
  • Is it competitive and profitable for the food and energy industry?
  • Can it work without human maintenance? Is permaculture a valid path? Can this culture become autonomous / automatised?

• Openet.org : forum to formulate a global standard for a purely civilian internet, an internet moderated by its users, not by the governments nor the industries nor the militaries.
• Life_Cable : a simpler unified standard for energy, water, waste, information in a complex built structure.
• Swarm_Operating_System : a customizable decision assisting software, using real-time data about global threats or personal interests. 
• Ocean_Cookbook : making the experience at sea not of a survival quality but a truly yummy experience.

We are welcoming oceanographers, maritime, mechanical, telecommunication engineers and architects, biotechnologist, sea farmers, physicists and chemists, sailors, fishermen, kite surfers, dietitians, divers, programers, mathematicians, philosophers, lawyers, accountants, craftsmen, designers of any level of qualification and age, contact us


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