AMPHIBILIVING: imagining a future living with water

owl project and ed carter

artist collaboration




~Flow is a tidemill - a floating building on the River Tyne that generates its own power using a tidal water wheel.  Step onboard and into the building which houses electro acoustic musical machinery and instruments which respond to the constantly changing environment of the river, generating sound and data.
~Flow spans artforms, blending contemporary and traditional methods, combining sculpture, cutting edge technology, hand crafted wooden instruments, architecture, precision engineering and electronic music to create an astonishing audio-visual public artwork. Everyone's experience of ~Flow will be unique, as the instruments respond directly to the ever-changing state of the river. The sounds created by each instrument can also be manipulated by visitors to the millhouse.

The Salinity Sampler Sequencer, with its wooden conveyor belt and electronic sensors, makes a tune from the last 12 hours of tide by storing and playing hourly river water samples, with salt levels controlling the instrument's pitch.

The Bubble Synth and giant overhead Bellows create sounds from resonating bubbles, controlled by the chemical composition of the river.

A laser Turbidatron generates sounds according to the turbidity or muddiness of the water. Gears and cranks drive a laser which emits a beam of light through the water, creating real-time sound in response to the river .

A collaboration between Owl Project and Ed Carter (working with architect Nicky Kirk), the free-to-board artwork will stay on the NewcastleGateshead Quayside through the summer as part of Artists taking the lead, one of twelve extraordinary public art commissions funded by the UK Arts Councils celebrating the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. 
~Flow is open to all on the River Tyne from 25 March 2012.






photograph: Jill Tate

The Salinity Sampler
photograph: Jill Tate

The Bubble Synth and Bellows
photograph: Jill Tate

The Turbidatron
photograph: Jill Tate