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Up and under

UP AND UNDER is a 100% natural mole-based system for combatting sea level rise, which has been successfully piloted on Fran's own land.
Fran explains: " I used to be upset by the number of moles in my garden and the endless molehills. But then, reading one day about climate change, I realised I was (probably literally!) sitting on a fantastic resource for coping with sea level rise... What's more I have effortlessly created an ideal mole-breeding habitat here (moles love our sandy coastal soils) so I can easily pass on the technology - and moles - to replicate my success in other threatened areas..."
Not only is UP AND UNDER effective in areas of potential coastal flooding, Fran believes significant benefits will also be experienced in areas which are vulnerable to river flooding or run-off after major rainstorms, subject to soil suitability (land covered in concrete or tarmac is not only more vulnerable to flooding due to its non-permeability, it's also pretty unpopular with moles...). Read more...




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Photograph of mole by Michael David Hill, 2005